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advantages of rotary welding tables

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benefits of Rotary welding table

The use of rotary welding tables in the manufacturing industry has drastically increased due to the increase in production rate, better welding quality, greater Business ROI, and many more. These welding tables decreases the welding efforts of welders by giving easy access to the complete welding workpiece. Improved welding quality and increased production rate in return pay for the investment to a lot extent

rotary welding table

introducing rotary tables:

Rotary welding tables help welders to easily access the area to be welded by rotating the surface of the positioner. They are built to provide comfort to the welder by being able to weld in a steady position


1-Improved welding quality
Rotary welding tables increase welding quality by allowing the welder to weld at the desirable position by rotating the positioner to that location.

With the help of these tables welders can adjust angles as well as heights of the surface. Thus, this improves in welder’s visibility, decrease fatigues, and allows repeatability of the work to be hassle-free. All the pros add to the improved quality of the workpiece

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2- Increased Production rate:
This is the most valuable factor for any business that is trying to adapt a rotary welding positioner for the manufacturing process.
Improved welding quality and production are the driving factors for any company to adopt the positioner. Companies are training their employees for improving efficiency followed by increased production rates. Rotary welding positioner is the tool to be invested in order to improve your production rates by improved repeatability, welding quality, and thus efficiency.
The tool allows highly skilled workers to improve their welding as they don’t have to reach the welding location instead the welding location is brought to the worker

Rotary welding table

3- Increased Safety-
Rotary welding tables improve the safety of the workers on the shop floor, especially for positioning of large objects to weld.

Another advantage of using rotary welding tables is that welders don’t need to use any ladders or lifts for reaching larger heights of the workpiece, thus decreasing risks of accidents on the shop floor.

Previously cranes and forklifts were used for rotating any workpiece which was inefficient and involved hazardous accidents of the workers, but rotary welding tables have reduced this risk by the rotating surface it offers.

Workers took a huge time learning to position workpieces on machines that were used earlier, but due to these rotary tables, it is easy for any worker to have a grip of positioning within a matter of hours.

4- Small footprints-
Rotary welding tables can be adjusted in very compact spaces reducing the required workshop space.

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