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Modular welding fixtures

The era of “ Move Fast and Break Things” is gone. The expertise in a specific field, fast-growing in one niche to gain an extra edge is no longer valid now. This is the generation of collaboration. Anything that can serve more than one purpose without compromising the quality wins. In the case of a process like welding, precision and weld quality are extremely important. To match up today’s highly competitive environment, the manufacturing companies should adopt processes and employ the latest emerging technologies to enhance productivity with improved quality and reduced lead times. 

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A fixture is a work-holding device that locates, supports and positions the workpiece in the firm position to perform any operation without distortion. It has a significant role in welding operations where precision and quality are required.

A Modular Welding table comes with several holes to accommodate fixturing and attaching other components effortlessly. It is designed to suit the changing technologies. This modular facility makes fixture components interchangeable and reusable. The only task becomes picking up the suitable components and assembling them to make a fixture. 

Features of a Modular Welding Fixture Table:

  1. Assembling parts, quick-changing becomes easier with modular welding fixtures.
  2. The modular welding fixturing reduces the lead time between design and fabrications.
  3. They are adaptable to changes in design and processes.
  4. Design costs, maintenance and labour costs are largely reduced.
  5. With the adaptability and repeatability, this fixture becomes well suitable for mass production, temporary jobs, prototyping jobs and automation jobs etc

How does it differ from a Traditional Welding Table?

Modular welding fixtures- blog

If you are seriously willing to have a company in welding, every decision you make should lead to maximum efficiency and improved productivity. That objective can be obtained by a modular Welding Fixture table that does work more than a table. Any job either heavy-duty or lighter one, any process either simple or complex, quickly attach a few clamps and create a fixture to hold the workpiece and the table is ready to perform your desired welding function at the earliest possible time. 

This is exactly what we do at our CYCLOTRON Robotics and Automation Pvt Ltd. We manufacture 2D, 3D and rotary modular fixture welding tables to meet all kinds of requirements for safe and quality welding.

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