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Welding clamps are used to hold components or work parts temporarily together while performing operations like welding, woodworking, carpentry etc.

Materials used in welding tables are Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Cast iron, etc.

Apart from welding table manufacturing material, there are other factors that contribute to safe welding.

A Modular Welding table comes with several holes to accommodate fixturing and attaching other components effortlessly. It is designed to suit the changing technologies. This modular facility makes fixture components interchangeable and reusable.

Most of the welders perform all the fabrication work on the floor. One can work on the shop floor without a welding table. No grounding needed, no worry about cutting the base etc. Though it is not mandatory to have a welding table, owning one will comfort the welder with better accessibility and thus improve his efficiency.

1. Metal composition
2. Presence of impurities
3. Poor handling of Welding equipment
4. Welding parameters
5. Wire feed problems and so on