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Rotary table for Welding

Rotary Welding Table

rotary welding table

Rotary welding tables are designed for a total 360° rotation of the table surface.
Rotating table comes in two variants- 1) Motorized, 2) Manual

Rotary fixture table has 1 precision machined surfaces.

A properly designed, well-balanced rotating table top is capable of moving significant weights at remarkable speeds.

Hole diameter– 16mm

Hole center distance– 50mm

Top Plate thickness– 16/12 mm

Flatness-0.4/1000 mm

Loading Capacity– Upto 1 ton

Top Plate Material– Steel IS 2062

Frame Material– Steel IS 2062

Surface coating– Powder coated

Top Plate– Standard/ Nitrided

rotary table for welding
Rotary welding table front view

Front View

Rotary welding table side view-1

Side View of Manual Rotary welding table

Rotary welding table top view

Top View

Rotary welding table side view-Motorised

Side View of Motorized Rotary welding table

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Cyclotron Rotary Welding Table

Rotary Turntable for Welding

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Cyclotron Welding turntable

  • Worktop with D16 system bores in a 50 mm x 50 mm grid resulting in greater clamping options as compared to 100mm x 100mm grid.
  • The precision can reach microns for fixing and clamping.
  • Cyclotron gives nitrided surface improving surface properties of metal and corrosion resistance, and increase the fatigue strength.
  • Nitriding is a heat-treating process that diffuses nitrogen into the surface of a metal to create a case-hardened surface. 
  • It is mainly used for clamping & locating steel structures and other assembling & fabrications according to our needs.
  • It is a widely used welding tool, which helps in modularity, standardization & reusability.
  • It replaced traditional dedicated fixtures with its high efficiency /affordability/precision/convenience

Benefits of Rotary welding table (Turntable)

Manufacturing companies have been using rotary welding tables more and more due to the increased production rate, improved quality of welding, greater Business ROI, and many other factors. Welders are able to access the entire welding workpiece on these welding tables, thus decreasing their welding efforts. Increased production rate and increased welding quality repay the investment to a large extent

By rotating the surface of the positioner, rotary welding tables enable welders to access the area to be welded easily. Welders can work more comfortably when they are able to hold a steady position while they weld

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