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Cyclotron welding table

D25 3D welding table

3d welding table
  • 3d welding table has 5 precision machined working surfaces (1 top + 4 side surfaces).
  • The table is connected and changed arbitrarily according to the shape of the workpiece.

Hole diameter– 16mm

Hole center distance– 50mm

Top Plate thickness– 16/12 mm

Flatness-0.4/1000 mm

Loading Capacity– 1 to 7 ton

Top Plate Material– Steel IS 2062

Frame Material– Steel IS 2062

Surface coating– Powder coated

Top Plate– Standard/ Nitrided

3D welding table 1
3D welding table 2
3D welding table 3
  • 3d welding table has a worktop with D16 system bores in a 50 mm x 50 mm grid resulting in greater clamping options as compared to 100mm x 100mm grid .
  • Further improving the expansion and clamping options by 3 hole drilling pattern on the side plates with D16 system bores in 50 x 50mm.
  • The precision can reach microns for fixing and clamping.
  • Cyclotron gives a nitrided surface improving surface properties of metal and corrosion resistance, and increase the fatigue strength.
  • Nitriding is a heat-treating process that diffuses nitrogen into the surface of a metal to create a case-hardened surface.
  • It is mainly used for clamping & locating steel structures and other assembling & fabrications according to our needs.
  • It is a widely used welding tool, which helps in modularity, standardization & reusability.
  • It replaced traditional dedicated fixtures with its high efficiency /affordability/precision/convenience.