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V Blocks for resting on cyclotron fixture tables

V Block

V Blocks are designed for holding round parts.

They are compatible with CYCLOTRON tables, Adjustable risers, L brackets, etc for adjustment of height.

V-blocks are used in industries where precise measurement and delicate holding of objects is required, such as metal working.

They are a type of workholding device used in drilling, grinding and finishing operations.

They are also used for cutting and machining of metal parts. These devices are also used for making holes in sheet metal.

They consist of a rectangular block with a 120-degree channel rotated 45 degrees, forming V-shaped channels on the top and bottom.

V-blocks are made with a small groove cut into their bottom. Screw clamps often hold the work in place, and there are also magnetic versions for use with metalworking. V-blocks are sold as pairs of blocks

Different types of V blocks

V Blocks for resting on cyclotron fixture tables

Standard V bLock

Standard v blocks are machining aids that support cylindrical stock while it is being worked.

Square v block

Square/round stock V blocks

Many v blocks will hold more than just round stock—they can be used to clamp sheets of material into position. V blocks with screw holes at both 90-degree and 45-degree angles are designed to hold square or cylindrical parts.


Four way V Block

These four-way v blocks have multiple sized channels for different workpieces, and the lack of clamps means some surfaces are magnetic to hold pieces in place.

tilting v block

Tilting V Block

Tilting v blocks (or adjustable angle gauges) are square pieces of stock that can be used to position other material at an angle before it is machined. The block’s tilt will vary depending upon what the user needs, but once a setting is found, a locking mechanism locks in place so there won’t be any slippage during use.


Magnetic V Block

The magnetic force of a pair of V-blocks holds parts in place instead of clamps.